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Edited 1/10/13 - Our Facebook information has changed.  Apparently there are many functions that cannot be used as a “community” page, and so I have deleted that page and am creating a personal page instead.  I will post when I have more info on that.

Now you can submit your compliments there too.  As with here, I can either email them or I can send a Facebook message.  I’ve had issues with emails going to people’s spam filters so a Facebook message is a better guarantee that your message will be seen.  Please note though that if you do Facebook I need a link to that person’s page.

Be sure to include an email address

I got a very sweet compliment for someone this morning but there was no email for the person so I couldn’t send it on. Luckily, I was able to respond and hopefully she will reply with contact info for him.  

Please always remember to include an email address so I can deliver you message!

Also, I can do facebook, but only if you give me a link to the person’s profile.  

The world needs more happiness

While the goal of this site is to allow people to spread happiness to those they know, I found an amazing site that lets people spread happiness to random strangers through lover letters, thank you notes and words of encouragement.  

I have written some letters, and while I have no idea who will receive them, I hope that it will brighten their day.  Help brighten someone’s day, be it someone you know or someone you don’t.

Send a compliment through my site, or send a bit of happiness to a stranger through this site:

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